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Hotel Reservation Systems Market Analysi...

Hotel Reservation System Market report confirms the future market forecast related to Hotel Reservation System market size, revenue, production, consumption, gross margin and other important factors. It also examines the role of leading Hotel Reservation System market players involved in the industry including their company overview. While emphasizing the major driving factors of the Hotel […]

Downham Advisors on the Castle Hotel App

Downham Market City Council has opposed a request to convert a historic hotel into apartments and a multi-occupancy house (HMO). Councilors have raised concerns about the “detrimental” impact on Downham Market’s heritage if plans for the Castle Hotel are approved. A plenary council meeting was held on Tuesday July 13 at the Jubilee Community Center […]

The dirty word in hotel website design

The dirty word in hotel website design

Today we are talking about … How to best use archival photography in your hotel website design. The art of stock photography For many hotel marketers, the words stock photography are synonymous with cheesy smiles and terrible lighting. One thing is for sure, when archival photography is bad it is really bad. But the truth […]